A Digital Tutor That Does More

Firecracker is a personalized, digital tutoring experience brought to you by the trusted team at Lippincott. We believe that students ought to be in control of how they prepare for their courses and high-stakes exams.

We put together content and resources written by experts – specifically, medical students who scored high on their own exams and have experience based insights – and provide it to all of you students in MD, PA, and DO programs to unclog your exam prep and curb Stage 4 panic.

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Flashcards Are Only the Beginning

Firecracker is just flashcards like your board exams are just a pop quiz. We are a full-service digital tutoring system that boosts an exhaustive database of information with a powerful algorithm to deliver a personalized learning experience. With us as an online study partner, you get the tools you need to succeed and the ability to access them whenever you want. But fair warning, we haven’t yet found the cure for procrastination.

Our system offers:

  • USMLE-style questions to help you master USMLE Steps 1 and 2
  • Unique Osteopathic Medicine questions to help you ace the COMLEX
  • We cover the 14 major content areas of the PANCE to give you everything you need to ace the exam and support your PA educational needs
  • Clerkship support to help you succeed in clinical rotations
  • And so much more! (But this bulleted list was already getting lengthy)

Firecracker for Students

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