A Customizable Study Tool to Help Your Students Build Content Mastery

Firecracker is a learning optimization tool that customizes great content to complement your courses. This platform is all you need to assess your students, benchmark their progress, remediate their weaknesses, and determine their preparedness for finals, boards and wards. Here is how it works!

Evaluate Curriculum

Whether you want to monitor your students’ performance, view gaps between lecture and board exam content, produce a competency-aligned report for accrediting bodies, or compare the quality of different curricula over time, Firecracker can help. Want to learn more about our products for medical schools?

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Assess Your Students

Don’t just assess your students’ learning, use assessments to help them learn! Firecracker provides med school faculty with a Qbank and collection of prebuilt USMLE practice exams, allowing them to assess their students with a blend of formative and diagnostic board exams.

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Benchmark Progress

Firecracker assigns each student a set of daily study tasks based on your medical curriculum, prioritizing current class material and his or her weak areas, in order to ensure students retain what they’ve learned in lectures.


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Firecracker allows for an immediate transition from assessment of a student’s knowledge to remediation of identified challenging areas. Firecracker tracks performance, lists at-risk topic areas, and progress in these remediation tasks and reports them to a faculty in real time.

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