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A new assessment and remediation solution for faculty and students

Lippincott® Firecracker Classroom works at the course level, complementing texts that you are already using and providing assessment aligned to content, case vignettes, and pre-packaged assignments with remediation to key resources.

Prebuilt practice exams and a customized gradebook track student progress and provide insights into your teaching and student comprehension.

  • Benchmark Student Progress. Firecracker Classroom assigns each student a set of daily study tasks based on your curriculum, prioritizing current class material and the student’s weak areas in order to ensure they retain what they’ve learned in lectures.
  • Remediate. Firecracker Classroom allows for an immediate transition from assessment of knowledge to remediation of specific content. Firecracker Classroom lists at-risk topic areas and tracks student progress, reporting their activities in real time.
  • Reinforce key concepts. Bonus case vignettes help students apply what they learn to real-world scenarios.
  • Provide real-time support. Pre-packaged assignments offer correct and incorrect answer rationales and remediation to resources.
  • Get insights. Progress reports give immediate insight into how your students are performing.

Firecracker has been used by over 300,000 medical students since 2015.

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