How Firecracker Works: Supporting Each Phase of Learning

Tracking What You Learn in Class

As you learn new material in class, you'll mark the related material as learned inside of Firecracker. This allows us to track your progress toward both your courses and boards.

Ongoing Review for Retention

With knowledge of the above, Firecracker assigns you daily and weekly study tasks - prioritizing current class material and any weak areas – to ensure you don't forget anything.

Transition from Courses to Boards

When it’s time, Firecracker will transition your focus from courses to board prep, using diagnostic tests to identify knowledge gaps and a Q-Bank to get you thoroughly prepared.

Choose Your Path

  • Master Everything

    We’d all like to perform well, and with Firecracker, you can! Firecracker was designed to help you get ahead in your med school courses while simultaneously banking knowledge for your board exams. You'll get access to all of the concepts you'll be expected to master for your courses, clerkships, and board exams – such as internal medicine, anatomy, physiology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics or preventative medicine concepts. But don't worry about having to manage your prep for USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 ck, or other studying yourself. Firecracker's recommendation engine ensures that you're reviewing the right stuff, at the right time, and in the right way by prioritizing current course material and weak areas, while still ensuring that you keep all of that past learned content fresh in your mind.

  • Focus on the Highest Yield Content

    Although we believe that medical students are best served by mastering all of the content in Firecracker, we know that, for some, that’s just not feasible. That’s why we created Firecracker High Yield. Recommended for those who want to slowly ramp up their Firecracker studying, may have fallen behind along the way, or are simply too busy to keep up, Firecracker High Yield is a great alternative to the traditional Firecracker experience.

  • Cram for your Boards in the Final 4-8 Weeks

    You only get a few weeks to prep for your board exams. Luckily, whether you're just starting Firecracker or have been using it for years, Firecracker contains a special Dedicated Test Prep (DTP) Mode designed to optimize your preparation during your final 4 to 8 weeks before your licensing board exams. During DTP Mode, Firecracker will use weekly practice exams, board-style clinical vignettes, and hyper-focused remediation tasks to create a Mastery Scorecard that provides an accurate and real-time estimate of your knowledge across all subject areas in comparison to other students all over the country.