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Whether you want to use it as your only resource or as a complement to other study tools you already own, Firecracker contains all of the content you need to ace your medical school and osteopathic medical school courses, pass your clerkships, and score high on your boards.

First Aid equivalent topic summaries.

Brosencephalon style flashcard questions.

U-World equivalent board exam practice questions.

Full-color medical images & illustrations.

Course, clerkship, & board practice exams

Additional Open Educational Resources

In addition to the premium content above, which is manually authored, edited and curated, Firecracker also dynamically pulls and integrates the most relevant open-source educational resources that medical and osteopathic medical students use. These resources are selected using the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s database of official Medical Subject Headings in order to ensure accuracy, and are automatically associated with the relevant Firecracker concepts to maximize convenience. We don’t care if we personally author or own it. If you use it, we want to include it on Firecracker. 



FREE resource to help you prepare
for the MCAT

Thousands of flashcards and MCQs
Hundreds of high-yield topic summaries
1,000+ MCAT practice questions
iPhone, iPad, and Android app

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Combined allopathic coursework, clerkship & board prep companion.

M1 & M2 classroom companion
M3 & M4 clerkship companion
USMLE Step1 and USMLE Step 2 longterm test prep
USMLE practice exams

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Combined osteopathic coursework, clerkship & board prep companion.

All of the Firecracker MD features
Additional important OMM questions and content
COMLEX Level 1, Step 1 & 2CK
USMLE practice exams

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