Helping Today’s Medical Residents Become Tomorrow’s World-Class Doctors

You've made it through medical school, passed the boards and are in your residency program. Congratulations!

Firecracker can help enhance the hands-on experience you’re getting in your residency programs. That’s right, Firecracker not only helps med students study for high-stakes exams like the USMLE, but it also helps equip you, the doctors of tomorrow, with the tools needed during your medical residency. Currently available for anesthesiology, other residency-focused content sets are coming soon.

Learnly: The New Anesthesia Learning App, Powered by Firecracker

Learnly | Foundations is a dynamic online anesthesia basic science learning program from the Stanford University AIM Lab designed to prepare anesthesia residents for competency in the anesthesia basic sciences. The program is built around the learning preferences of today’s learners and features interactive daily practice accessible anywhere in the world. Users get daily cases to boost clinical confidence, seamless integration, and learning is optimized with our spaced repetition algorithm designed to help you recall and retain information.

3,000 Question Q-Bank

High quality questions written by academic faculty and edited by former ABA chair

196 Lessons

Q-bank is linkedto 196 learning modules and lessons

137 Expert Faculty

Learnly was developed by 137 expert faculty from 22 leading institutions

500% Lower Failure Rate

Students who participate in Learnly have a 500% lower failure rate on the ABA basic science examination.

Stay tuned for more Firecracker products to help residents give the best patient care!

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