Stay Connected to Your Students, No Matter Where They Are

Firecracker® Classroom works at the course level, complementing texts that you are already using and providing quizzes aligned to content, case vignettes and pre-packaged assignments with remediation to key resources.

Firecracker® Classroom helps you monitor your students’ performance, view gaps between lecture and board exam content and compare the quality of different curricula over time.

  • Stay in Contact and Assess Students. Don’t just assess your students’ learning, use assessments to help them learn! Firecracker® Classroom provides med school faculty with a Qbank and collection of prebuilt USMLE practice exams.
  • Remediate. Firecracker® Classroom allows for an immediate transition from assessment of a student’s knowledge to remediation of identified challenging areas.

Firewcracker has been used by over 300,000 medical students since 2015.

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