Firecracker Students Outperform Others

Firecracker is rigorously tested and validated to deliver a top-quality product designed to help you meet your goals.

237 vs. 234
On average, Firecracker users report higher USMLE Step 1 scores.
Higher-than-average 229
On average, Firecracker users report higher-than-average scores for first-time test takers.
25% vs. 8%
Firecracker users were more likely to score 250+ than non-users.

Based on data collected during AMSA Student Survey completed December 2018 and Firecracker Efficacy Study completed January 2019 by Wolters Kluwer.

C – Clerkship

Master your clinical rotations and NBME Shelf Exams.

  • Prepare for the NBME Shelf Exams and end-of-rotation exams, as well as pimping
  • Includes study plans, flashcards, Qbank style-questions and practice Shelf Exams
  • All the content you need to prepare for clerkship rotations

We’ll Help Bring Out Your Best

Adaptive Learning Platform
Creates personalized daily study plans to learn the way you learn.

Content Alignment
Provides information in a way that is consistent with your program.

Content Mastery
Utilizes learn, recall, apply to help you confidently score higher.

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